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    Mainstream Value Notebooks usually compensate for having a slower CPU and lack of graphics memory by marketing their laptops with a high amount of System Memory (RAM) - which is only 1 of the factors that give your computer the speed it really needs. We prefer to build computers with more "matched" components. Don't be a victim of Marketing! Investigate what you are purchasing because you really want your computer to keep up with the software changes for 3 to 5 years in the future. The notebooks you will see below are not "Value Notebooks", they are Gaming Notebooks. Which basically means our designs are built for the most strenuous tasks in Computerland....Gaming! For those of you who aren't playing games with your notebooks, it just means that you are going to get higher performance than you would from a normal "mainstream" computer. North American automotive manufacturers build automobiles that will go over 140 MPH when they know that the speed limits are usually 70 MPH....have you ever wondered why they do that? You may not always need it, but when you do, isn't it nice to know it's there? Think about that for a few minutes, and you'll understand why we build our computers with nVidia Discrete Graphics, faster memory, faster hard drives, and Dual Core i5 and Quad Core i7 Intel Processors. It's all about "Quality & Performance".

    Our new Series of Notebooks start with Full HD High Resolution screens and Optimus Hybrid Graphics. Currently we only build two models with Dual Core CPU's and 1333MHz Memory because we needed to provide a quality model at a lower price for the people with minimal budget concerns. For the rest, we spiced up our line with DDR3 1600MHz memory all the way up to 32GB....yes that's right, 32GB RAM in a Notebook Computer! We have also added a few additional hard drive options including top of the line OCZ Vertex 4 Max IOPS and Samsung 840 Pro Series Solid State Drives. Let's not forget the engine that makes them run! We use the new 4th generation of Intel® Core™ products, starting with the Core i7-4700MQ at 2.4 ~ 3.4GHz with 6MB of Smart Cache. Technology has sure come a long way in just a few years. Welcome to 2014...it came a little early this year!!

    Click on the links below to check out our new line, we know you'll be as pleased as we are!

    Available Models designed specifically for the INDIGO System - Click on the underlined Model Numbers below for Pictures and Specifications.

    15" Notebooks
      15" Comparison Chart = = 15" Options Chart

    1. QC-650SZ - 15.6" Notebook
      Starting at $999
    2. QC-650SR - 15.6" Notebook
      Starting at $1,099
    3. QC-157SM - 15.6" Notebook
      Starting at $1.549
    4. QC-Atom-Mini - 15.6"Notebook
      Starting at $2,099
    17" Notebooks
      17" Comparison Chart = = 17" Options Chart

    1. QC-370ST - 17.3" Notebook
      Starting at $1,299
    2. QC-177SM - 17.3"Gaming Notebook
      Starting at $1,699

    3. QC-Atom-1.5 - 17.3"Gaming Notebook
      Starting at $2,099
    4. QC-Atom-2.5 - 17.3"Gaming Notebook
      Starting at $2,999

    Custom Models designed specifically for INDIGO users:

    1. Desktop Systems - Prices starting at $575.00
    2. All-in-One Systems - Prices starting at $750.00
    3. QCB121 -12.1" Touchscreen Tablet - Prices starting at $1,275.00


    We now offer financing options on computer sales!! Just visit our distribution website (SST) for more details on financing: CLICK HERE
    We also accept most credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout and bank wires

    You'll notice we do not have a shopping cart on this articular website. that allows us to live up to our tagline: "we make it personal" In other words, we want to speak to you so we can personalize the computer to fit your specific computing needs.

    Please visit our contact us page for all the details on how to get your own Quantum Computer.


    For the current version of the INDIGO software, we suggest that you start with the current minimum optional specifications:

    • CPU: Minimum of Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU ~ we prefer using the QUAD Core i7 processor. There are Dual and Quad Core i5 & i7 CPU's, watch the specifications carefully so you know exactly what you are getting.
    • Memory: Minimum of 4GB DDR3 for Windows 7 Systems, 8GB or more is better because later on when your computer slows down due to software overlaod, you'll be glad you had more memory.
    • Hard Drive: Minimum of 120GB 7200rpm hard drive ~ we suggest always allowing a minimum of 20% free space on your Hard Drive. Most computer manufacturers are using a minimum of 500GB Hard drives currently, however should you decide to use a Solid State drive for a faster and more reliable hard drive, be sure to select a minimum capacity of 120GB and go for the SATA III as it gives you a lot more speed. We personally like the OCZ Vertex 3 Max Iops or Vertex 4 series SSD drives because they have very high speeds and they seem to be extremely reliable. Samsung 840 Series is another great option due to high speeds a reliable hardware.
    • Graphics: Minimum of 512mb Dedicated or Discrete Graphics ~ on board or integrated graphics are not recommended. If the computer is using a Quad Core Intel CPU, with a minimum of 16GB of System Memory, then Intel Integrated graphics will probably suffice.
    • Screen Resolution: Current screen technology offers two resolutions. 1920 x 1080 Full HD is the recommended option. Standard HD resolution of 1366 x 768 also 1600 x 900 is not adequate for the INDIGO software. Currently the INDIGO software has scroll bars in almost every panel of the program, however there are still a few areas that are not visible when using screen resolutions that are less than 1280 x 1024.
    • Operating System: We are currently recommending Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Operating Systems for the INDIGO Software. The Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7 are fine as well, but not necessary. Windows 8 will work only after special settings have been changed to allow your Biofeedback Software to work properly. We do not currently recommend Windows 8 for SCIO and INDIGO software.
    • Internet Access: Internet access is required for the current and future versions of the INDIGO software because the software is now updated via and internet update tool. Technical support is now mostly done through remote internet connections to your computer. Most computers now come with 2 or 3 devices to connect to the internet (LAN, WLAN and RJ11) however you still need the internet access to connect them. Most people are using a DSL connection through a telephone company or a Cable network through the local cable television company. There are many other options through cellular phone companies and sattellite TV etc. Dial-Up internet access is not recommended at all, even in remote areas where your options are quite limited.
    • Virus Protection: We recommend using either SST Antivirus (our own branded Anti-virus software), Norman Security Suite or Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 software (not Kaspersky Security Suite). There are other Virus Protections softwares that work well, however these are the ones that we recommend because we feel they are the best Virus Protection softwares on the market today. We suggest that you consult your device distributor before making decisions on other virus protection software. We do offer SST Antivirus or Norman Security Suite as an option on all of our computers or as a standalone product if you just need the software. Kaspersky AntiVirus can be purchased directly from kaspersky.com...however just make sure you purchase the correct software package. If you absolutely insist on using a free antivirus product, Microsoft Security essentials is currently the best "free" option.


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